Are you a Carer, Cleaner or Driver? Join us @ Help To You.


Help To You an NDIS service provider offers a range of services aimed at meeting your needs including:

NDIS Cleaning Services Sydney

Why Choose Help to You?

Our goal is to provide you with the support you need to achieve your goals. We listen to what you want and give you the power and flexibility to get the services you want when you want them. At all times, you stay in control and make the decisions.

We enable you with the independence you need to get what’s best for you and your circumstances. Our range of services gives you flexibility and choice to achieve your goals.

Our dedicated team of professionals get the job done with minimum disruption to your daily life. We match you with our team members based on what you want to achieve, what your cultural, physical and other requirements might be.

We have years of expertise not only as an NDIS service provider, but have also experienced the process from a participants perspective. We’ve seen what’s missing and understand that a one size fits all approach does NOT work. Each persons needs are different, each household is different and each personality is different. We at Help to You pride ourselves on identifying that difference and working with you to tailor your service.

The Process

Each Service Contract starts with our senior consultant coming out to discuss your needs

During this interview we find out what it is you’re after and how you like things done.

In our consultation we agree to the following:

Scope of works required: What do you need doing? Where would you like it done
Your requirements and how you like things to look/be: Whether its cleaning or gardening, you may have a preference on the way things get done. We find this out before our team comes out to do the job.
Frequency: would you like it done once off or would you like it regularly done? How regularly.
Costing: we will provide you with a quote to ensure you know in advance what the fees might be.

After the first service, our consultant will contact you to ensure that your needs have been met or discuss any further areas required.

Our aim is to ensure you are happy with our services and our team.

How we have helped

We help a range of participants and their families reclaim valuable quality time doing the things they want to do.

We never underestimate the importance of having the pressure lifted from you when you no longer need to worry about cleaning or gardening or odd home maintenance jobs that keep your household going.

A reliable provider that gets you to doctors appointments or to social events, community activities or other locations can be the thing you need to make sure you get where you need to get on time.

That accidental spill on the carpet can be easily taken care of.

Or even the flexibility to choose the services you need externally with plan management.

Our Values

We live by our values, these are:
Honesty, politeness and respect in dealings with our participants and each other
Respecting each individual’s needs, differences, values, diversity, beliefs and culture without judgement
Understanding our own and our participants human and legal rights, these can be accessed here
Not interfering with participants decisions or wishes
Completing our work to the best of our ability
exercising discretion so as not to disrupt the participant or their household members where possible
Confidentiality in all our dealings
Help to You does not tolerate violence, abuse, neglect, exploitation or discrimination. This is against the law.
Reporting and managing all incidents or complaints immediately

Who we Service

We service the Sydney NSW region. Northern Suburbs, Western Suburbs, Eastern Suburbs … whichever direction of Sydney you live in, we can get a team member out to you.