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Your Best Choice for NDIS Support: The Help to You Advantage

Our mission as an NDIS provider is to deliver the NDIS support necessary for you to realise your ambitions. We actively listen to your preferences, offering you the autonomy and flexibility to access the NDIS services you need, exactly when you need them. You remain at the helm, steering every decision to ensure your needs are met precisely.

We empower you with the independence crucial for securing what’s optimal for you and your unique situation. Our array of NDIS solutions grants you the liberty and choice to fulfill your objectives.

Our committed professionals execute tasks with minimal interruption to your routine, aligning you with team members who best suit your goals, cultural, physical, and additional needs.

With extensive experience as an NDIS service provider and firsthand insights as participants, we understand the gaps in the system. Recognizing that a universal approach falls short, we acknowledge the individuality of each person, household, and personality. Help to You is dedicated to discerning these distinctions, collaborating closely with you to customize our services, including NDIS plan management. Whether it’s choosing the right NDIS plan manager, navigating NDIS transport service options, or tailoring other supports, we pride ourselves on offering personalized NDIS services that truly cater to your requirements.

The Process

Each Service Contract starts with our senior consultant coming out to discuss your needs

During this interview we find out what it is you’re after and how you like things done.

In our consultation we agree to the following:

Scope of works required: What do you need doing? Where would you like it done
Your requirements and how you like things to look/be: Whether its cleaning or gardening, you may have a preference on the way things get done. We find this out before our team comes out to do the job.
Frequency: would you like it done once off or would you like it regularly done? How regularly.
Costing: we will provide you with a quote to ensure you know in advance what the fees might be.

Following the initial service, our consultant will reach out to confirm that your requirements have been fully addressed and to explore any additional needs you may have. Our objective is to guarantee your satisfaction with both our services and our professional team.

What Help To You Has Done to Make a Difference

We assist a diverse group of participants and their families in regaining precious quality time, enabling them to engage in activities they truly enjoy. Understanding the significant relief that comes from alleviating the burden of household tasks such as cleaning, gardening, and miscellaneous maintenance, we ensure these essentials are meticulously managed for you.

As a dependable provider, we facilitate timely transportation to medical appointments, social gatherings, community events, and other crucial destinations, underscoring the importance of punctuality in your daily schedule.

For those unforeseen mishaps, like a spill on the carpet, our team is prepared to address and resolve such issues promptly, ensuring your environment remains pristine.

Additionally, we offer the flexibility to select external services through NDIS plan management, empowering you to customize your support according to your unique needs. Our commitment to providing comprehensive NDIS solutions, including NDIS plan management, ensures a tailored approach to support and services, enhancing your overall well-being and lifestyle.

Our Values

Honesty, politeness and respect in dealings with our participants and each other
Respecting each individual’s needs, differences, values, diversity, beliefs and culture without judgement
Understanding our own and our participants human and legal rights, these can be accessed here
Not interfering with participants decisions or wishes
Completing our work to the best of our ability
exercising discretion so as not to disrupt the participant or their household members where possible
Confidentiality in all our dealings
Help to You does not tolerate violence, abuse, neglect, exploitation or discrimination. This is against the law.
Reporting and managing all incidents or complaints immediately

Our Service Area Coverage

Our NDIS services extend across the Sydney NSW region, encompassing the Northern Suburbs, Western Suburbs, Eastern Suburbs, and beyond. No matter your location within Sydney, our dedicated team is equipped to provide unparalleled NDIS support and solutions right to your doorstep.