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NDIS Gardening Services

Professional NDIS Gardening Services

Help To You stands as a distinguished Australian provider, delivering specialized gardening services to National Disability Insurance Scheme participants. Catering to a spectrum of garden maintenance needs, the services we offer span hedge trimming, weeding, mulching, garden bed maintenance, and comprehensive cleaning services.

Designed to address every aspect of yard maintenance, these services ensure that managing your garden becomes a seamless part of daily life, without the burden of extensive physical effort.


Comprehensive Gardening Solutions

With a keen understanding of the challenges faced by those unable to engage in certain gardening tasks due to disabilities, Help To You presents an array of maintenance services under the NDIS framework. This initiative not only facilitates funding assistance for our services but also ensures that your gardening needs are met with utmost care and professionalism.

Our Range of Gardening Services

  • General Gardening: Entrust your garden’s general upkeep to us, including mulching, soil conditioning, and the meticulous care of garden beds, complemented by efficient waste removal for a pristine and vibrant garden.
  • Lawn Mowing: Tackling lawn care with precision, we equip our teams with the necessary tools to maintain your lawn’s health and appearance, ensuring a safe and inviting outdoor space.
  • Weed Treatment: Our expertise extends to the effective management of weed growth, ensuring that unwanted vegetation is removed to allow your plants to thrive in an unencumbered environment.
  • Hedge Trimming: Specializing in pruning and hedge trimming, we shape your hedges to your preferences, providing design advice and ensuring a tidy cleanup of all clippings.

NDIS Coverage for Gardening Services

Is Gardening Covered by the NDIS?

Gardening and home maintenance services may qualify for NDIS funding under certain conditions. Eligibility hinges on the participant’s inability to perform these tasks independently. In cases where assistive technologies cannot facilitate task completion, or if hiring a professional is a necessity that anyone, disability or not, would encounter, NDIS funding is typically available.

Conversely, tasks within the individual’s capability, or those not generally requiring professional assistance, are not covered by NDIS.

What Are the NDIS Rates for Maintenance Services?

NDIS support is calculated on an hourly basis, aligning with the professional’s rate you choose to hire. The current NDIS reimbursement rates are as follows:

  • National non-remote: $50.03 per hour
  • National remote: $70.04 per hour
  • National very remote: $75.05 per hour

These rates cap the funding available for garden maintenance labor costs per hour. It’s crucial to note that NDIS does not extend funding to cover material costs such as soil, mulch, or plants, focusing solely on labor.

Do I Need an NDIS-Accredited Provider for Funding?

Hiring an NDIS-accredited provider is not a prerequisite for funding. Participants managing their plans can utilize NDIS funds for gardening services. Those under NDIA management should consult with an approved NDIS provider for gardening and maintenance.

Steps to Engage a Gardening Service with NDIS Funds:

  1. Compile a List of Needed Gardening Tasks: Start with a detailed list to ensure all your gardening needs are identified.
  2. Search for NDIS-Registered Gardening Services: If your plan is NDIA managed, focus on providers registered with NDIS for gardening and maintenance.
  3. Obtain and Compare Quotes: Assess the hourly rates from various services against NDIS funding limits to determine any out-of-pocket expenses.
  4. Inquire About Discounts and Availability: Some providers may offer discounts for regular service. Confirm their ability to work within your schedule.
  5. Arrange Access: Ensure the service provider can access your property as needed, possibly by providing a key or gate access.
  6. Establish a Service Agreement: Formalize the arrangement with a contract detailing the services, costs, and any specific terms.
  7. For Providers New to NDIS: Ensure they have a valid Australian Business Number (ABN) to claim for their services through NDIS.

Need Further Assistance?

For additional support with the NDIS or to learn more about funding for gardening services, contact us directly. Our team is here to guide you through the process, ensuring you can access and maximize your funding for essential gardening services