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Household Maintenance

Household Maintenance

Household Maintenance

Our home needs constant upkeep to keep it humming along and running smoothly. Therefore, whether it’s the odd leaky tap or odd handyman job, Help to You will provide you with the help you need to get the job sorted.
Some of the jobs we consider household maintenance may be:

Window Cleaning

With the change in seasons, heavy wind, rain or dry climates, our windows need a regular clean. Our specialised window cleaners can get the job done for you with minimum disruption. Whether you have a one story or two story home, we can get the job done. We safely and efficiently clean the inside of your windows, outside of your windows as well as frames and fly-screens.
See the sparkle in your windows once our team is done and feel closer to the outdoors just by looking through your shiny clean glass.

Pest Control

Some properties require regular pest control to keep the household and its occupants safe from pesky bugs or rodents. Help to you can assist in getting the job done annually or bi annually. We use low allergenic environmentally safe products to protect you and your pets.

Carpet Cleaning

Spills and stains are unavoidable on carpets or lounges.

No matter how hard you try to remove the stain, you can always see it there staring back at you.

Additionally. with time, bacteria and dust mites settle in your carpet to create an invisible germ haven.

Get rid of stains or do your annual deep steam carpet clean with our specialised carpet cleaning team of professionals.

The team will determine what type of carpet you have and the material its made of to provide the best carpet cleaning solution.

Pressure Cleaning

Our pressure cleaning service can remove mould or stains from your home’s exterior to keep it clean and looking its best.

Whether your driveway, backyard, roof or walls need a pressure clean, we can help to ensure you get the job you want done.

Handy Man work

We offer a range of handy man work for both NDIS participants and non participants.

Some of the jobs we can perform include:

complete plumbing works to fix that leaky tap, change washers or other light plumbing works
Cleaning gutters or other gutter repair
Light handyman repairs around the house

No matter which service you choose, you will be provided with a quote for approval prior to proceeding with the job to ensure you are satisfied and there are no surprises.