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Plan Management

What is NDIS Plan Management?

Plan management is one of the options available to participants in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) for managing their NDIS funds. It involves engaging a plan manager, a financial intermediary, to handle the financial and administrative aspects of an NDIS plan.

Key Aspects of NDIS Plan Management:

Financial Management: A plan manager pays providers on behalf of the participant, processes expense claims, and manages the budget.
Choice and Control: Participants maintain choice and control over their supports, deciding how their funds are allocated without the administrative burden of managing the financial paperwork.
Flexibility in Service Providers: Unlike NDIS-managed funding, where participants can only use NDIS-registered providers, plan-managed funding allows participants to use both registered and non-registered providers. This increases the choice of services and potentially, access to more personalized services.
Professional Assistance: Plan managers provide expert help in budgeting and understanding the pricing structures and categories of the NDIS. This can help participants make informed decisions about their care and services.
Reporting: Plan managers are responsible for providing regular financial statements, helping participants track their budget and ensuring they are on track with their spending.

So why choose Help to You Plan Management?

Allows you to choose the providers you prefer whether registered through NDIS or not
Takes away the headache of managing invoices and payment
Provides you with support and assistance around how to find the service providers you want
Helps you decode the content of your NDIS plan to see where you can access the services you need
Provides reports to show you how much has been spent and how much you have remaining
Manages your service agreements with your preferred providers.

Choosing The Right Plan Management for NDIS Participants:

NDIS Funding for Plan Management: The cost of having a plan manager is covered by the NDIS, and this does not reduce the funds available for other supports.

Finding a Plan Manager: Participants can choose their plan manager based on recommendations, service quality, or personal preference. It’s important to select a plan manager who is communicative, transparent, and responsive to your needs.