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NDIS Transport Supplier

Help To You: A Champion of NDIS Transport Services

Help To You stands at the forefront of providing essential NDIS transport services, facilitating easier movement for people with disabilities. By utilizing NDIS, clients significantly reduce transport costs for daily activities such as grocery shopping, visiting friends, attending school, and more.

Understanding NDIS Transport

What is NDIS Transport?

The NDIS transport scheme represents a transformative approach to mobility for people with disabilities, rolled out across various Australian states and territories. This initiative aims to provide a range of mobility-related services to eligible individuals, enhancing their independence and participation in community life.

The Aim and Funding of NDIS Transport

Far from a mere welfare program, the NDIS transport scheme is about capacity building, offering necessary support for individuals to regain and maintain their independence. With a generous $22 billion funding allocation per year, approximately 500,000 Australians with significant disabilities are set to benefit from this program.

Eligibility for NDIS Transport Funding

NDIS transport funding is specifically tailored for individuals who face challenges in using public transportation due to their disabilities. This funding covers the cost of the eligible person’s transport needs, excluding those of carers, support workers, or family members.

Levels of Support

NDIS plan members may qualify for one of three support levels, depending on their level of engagement in work, study, or day programs:

  • Level 1: Offers up to $1,606 per year for patients not engaged in work, study, or day programs.
  • Level 2: Provides up to $2,472 per year for part-time workers or students, or those participating in day programs.
  • Level 3: Grants up to $3,456 per year for individuals working, seeking employment, or studying more than 15 hours per week.

In extraordinary circumstances, participants may be eligible for additional funding through the scheme.

Comprehensive Transport Solutions by Help To You

Help To You stands as a premier transport provider within the NDIS framework, catering to those unable to access public transport due to significant or permanent disabilities. Our services are broad, covering everything from taxi subsidies to specialized bus services, all tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Features and Benefits:

  • Flexible Timings: We offer dedicated transport services tailored to your schedule, ensuring punctuality for all your commitments.
  • Exclusive Vehicle Use: Enjoy the privacy and comfort of not having to share your ride; our vehicles are reserved for your use only.
  • Child Seats Available: Our fleet includes child-friendly vehicles, ensuring safety and comfort for younger passengers.
  • Transport to Various Destinations: Whether it’s a medical appointment, a family gathering, or an educational institution, we’ve got your transportation needs covered.

Help To You is committed to providing mobility solutions that enhance the lives of our clients, making every journey comfortable and stress-free.

Who Is Eligible for Help To You NDIS Transport Services?

To access the NDIS transport services provided by Help To You, individuals must meet certain eligibility criteria, which include:

  • Age Range: Services are available to individuals aged between 7 and 65. For children under 7, the Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) approach may provide support.
  • Residency Status: Eligibility extends to Australian citizens, as well as those holding Permanent or Special Category Visas.
  • Support Needs: Individuals who require support from another person due to a permanent or significant disability are eligible. Additionally, those needing special equipment for mobility or supports to mitigate future needs may also qualify.

Understanding Permanent and Significant Disabilities

A permanent and significant disability deeply impacts an individual’s ability to perform daily tasks, including accessing conventional public transport solutions. To qualify for the NDIS scheme:

  • A significant disability is one that substantially hinders one’s daily living activities.
  • A permanent disability is an enduring condition expected to last throughout the individual’s lifetime, such as spinal cord injuries.

Role of a Nominee in the NDIS Scheme

In situations where an individual may not be able to make informed decisions regarding their transport and other NDIS benefits, the appointment of a nominee is considered. This nominee acts on behalf of the participant, ensuring their best interests are represented. The NDIA views the nomination of a representative as a measure of last resort, prioritizing support to enable the participant to make their own decisions whenever possible.

How to Access Help To You NDIS Transport Services

Engaging with Help To You’s NDIS transport services involves a few key steps to ensure a match with your specific needs:

  • Compile a List of Required Services: Begin by detailing all the transportation tasks you need assistance with, ensuring comprehensive coverage of your mobility requirements.
  • Verify Your NDIS Management Type: If you are NDIA managed, you must select a registered NDIS provider for gardening and maintenance services. Help To You is available for consultation to facilitate this process.
  • Obtain Quotes: Seek quotes from Help To You to understand the potential costs involved and how they align with NDIS funding provisions.
  • Review and Confirm: Consider the offered services, ensuring they meet your scheduling and specific needs. Discuss any regular maintenance discounts and confirm availability.
  • Arrange Access: Ensure Help To You’s drivers have the necessary access to your property, potentially providing keys or codes as needed.
  • Establish a Service Agreement: Formalize your agreement with Help To You, detailing the services, costs, and any specific terms to ensure clarity and mutual understanding.
  • For First-time Users: If you or your service provider are new to NDIS, ensure an Australian Business Number (ABN) is in place for service claims.