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the NDIS Wollongong, Australia is commonly known as the National Disability Insurance Program. The NDIS is a critical part of offering ongoing, major support to Australians who live with a major and permanent disability.

The NDIS will allow Wollongong residents who have been living with a significant disability to finally access services and support, enhancing their quality of life. The government urges the people of Australia to take part in the NDIS and get help as it spreads via further Australian territories and states.

The Process

Welcome to Help To You, where we strive to provide the best services to meet your needs! Our process is simple and straightforward, designed to make sure that you get the results you’re after.

Here’s what you can expect when you work with us:

One of our senior consultants will personally come out to meet with you and discuss your requirements. This initial consultation is an opportunity for us to get to know you and your needs, and to find out how you like things done. We believe that understanding our clients' preferences is key to delivering a service that meets their expectations.
During the consultation, we will discuss the scope of work required - what needs to be done, where you want it done, and any other specific requests you may have. Whether it's cleaning or gardening, we want to know how you like things to look or be done, so that our team can deliver exactly what you need.
We also want to know how often you would like our services - whether it's a one-off job or a regular service. Our goal is to provide flexible options that fit your schedule and needs.
Finally, we will provide you with a quote so that you know exactly what to expect regarding costs. Our aim is to ensure that you are completely satisfied with our services and our team.

After the first service, our consultant will follow up with you to ensure that your needs have been met or to discuss any further areas of improvement.

At Help To You, we take pride in our commitment to delivering quality services that meet your unique needs.

ndis wollongong

What are the NDIS services in Wollongong?

The NDIS, managed by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA), is Australia’s first national program for people with disabilities and gives these people income directly.

The program was created to better serve the requirements of NDIS participants who live with disabilities and acknowledges that each individual with a disability has specific needs and objectives.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme allows persons with disabilities more direct control over their lives and the sorts of care they get by offering direct support to them, as well as to their families and carers.

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List of NDIS Services

The following service categories are covered by the program:

services for people with disabilities

Interim care

Individual care

Doctor visit

sports leagues

Advisory services

Universities and libraries

Office-based therapists

transport services

House improvements

alterations to vehicles

household assistance and domestic assistance

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National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a comprehensive program in Australia that offers support to people with disabilities, their families, and those who care for them. The service connects scheme participants with services in their communities and provides information about services accessible to individuals with disabilities.

Because the registered in the program receive direct funding for these services, it is simpler for Australians with disabilities and their families to manage their care requirements and obtain tailored care plans that meet their needs.

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ndis wollongong

What is NDIS support coordination?

Australians can now get disability help in a new way thanks to the federal government’s National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Although it’s a terrific plan, we may find it challenging and complicated to follow.

The NDIS offers help coordinating since using it alone can be challenging. According to the definition given by the federal government, this is “a capacity building support to implement all supports in a participant’s plan, including informal, mainstream, community, and sponsored supports.”

This indicates that assistance is available to help your life or someone else’s close to you use the NDIS to its fullest potential and obtain the disability support you require and deserve.

Local Area Coordinator (LAC) partner

The local area coordinator for the NDIS assists participants in planning their personal development goals and how they want to accomplish them. They also help participants access money and other resources that are available to them. These support alternatives from licensed service providers may include formal, informal, and community support programs.

We provide specialized care services for people with disabilities as a local area coordinator having our office address in Australia, supporting your lifestyle and personal objectives. Our skilled and caring caregivers are qualified to provide a range of care services to any disabled person.

NDIS Services for cities in Australia

Our disability support services assist you in achieving your objectives by taking the time to truly listen to you and focusing on your strengths.

You will always speak to a real person in Wollongong & Brisbane who is dedicated to improving your daily experience.

Human development is our focus, and the benefits you will get from our programs are countless!

ndis wollongong

Our focus field and goals as an NDIS provider in Wollongong

the NDIS The main goals of the participant’s plan are developing skills and becoming independent. A limited amount of funds can be allocated to specific products and facilities under each category at the decision of members.

What Are the Different NDIS Support Budgets?

There are three different support budget types that your NDIS plan may fund:

Core Supports budget

Support that enables a person to carry out everyday life activities

Capacity Building Supports budget

Support for an investment, such as equipment, house or car modifications, assistive technology, or cash for capital costs (e.g. to pay for Specialist Disability Accommodation).

Capital Supports budget

support that enables a participant to develop their independence and abilities

Some of the categories that can be funded under the capacity-building support budget are:

  • Support Coordination
  • Better Living Arrangements
  • Greater Social & Community Involvement
  • Finding & Maintaining a Work
  • Improving Relationships

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What our clients are saying

Discover the testimonials our clients said about our services.

Thank you so much for being such a great listener and for your wonderful support in helping me achieve my goals and become a better version of myself. Your kindness and service are truly exceptional, and I can’t thank you enough for all that you’ve done. I will be recommending you to everyone I know! (Natallia)

I cannot express my gratitude enough to the team of professional caretakers who have been a beacon of light in our lives. They have not only helped us to improve various aspects of our lives but have also enriched our social life. Previously, I was filled with anxiety and self-doubt, afraid of being judged and ridiculed for my appearance and intelligence, but their compassionate support and guidance have transformed my outlook on life. I am now able to enjoy the beauty of life and its many blessings. (Danielle)

I appreciate your understanding and support during some challenging times. The assistance that your company offered to our family has had a profound impact on our lives. I would enthusiastically recommend your company to anyone in need of similar services. Your organization has truly helped to alleviate some of the burdens we were facing, making our daily life more manageable. (Lindzy)

How we have helped

We help a range of participants and their families reclaim valuable quality time doing the things they want to do.

We never underestimate the importance of having the pressure lifted from you when you no longer need to worry about cleaning or gardening or odd home maintenance jobs that keep your household going.

A reliable provider that gets you to doctors appointments or to social events, community activities or other locations can be the thing you need to make sure you get where you need to get on time.

That accidental spill on the carpet can be easily taken care of.

Or even the flexibility to choose the services you need externally with plan management.