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NDIS Cleaning – Top 4 Natural Products

NDIS Cleaning can be done using natural products or more mainstream products. Whichever your choose, we all want our homes to be clean.

It not only makes us feel great, but also keeps us healthy and our environment free from germs and toxins.

As a NDIS cleaning service, Help to you is conscious of the products used in your home. As a result, we provide NDIS cleaning services and can use natural or mainstream products depending on your preferences and requirements.

Your specialised NDIS cleaning service provider will bring the cleaning products you need and carry out your clean in a way that suits you.

To keep your home beautiful and clean, while taking care of the environment and managing allergies, we at Help to You have put together a list of the top 5 Natural NDIS Cleaning Products that you have around your house.


Vinegar – both apple cider or white vinegar work. They make great cleaners because of the acidity in them. They counteract build ups and dissolve away soap scum and other stains. Use it with water to mop or boil it in your kettle to get rid of limescale.

Bicarb Soda

This product is often used in baking making it a non toxic cleaner. Its alkalinity makes dirt and grease dissolve away in water. Mix it with vinegar to bubble away tough stains on clothes or with water to remove dirt.


This is great product for tackling grime and stains. Its great for scrubbing and removes stains by absorbing liquid. It has antibacterial properties and kills some types of bacteria by sucking the water out of them.


This fruit is acidic and makes a great cleaner due to its low pH levels. It has antibacterial qualities and smells great. But remembre to water it down and follow with a clean cloth so you don’t damage wood or fabric.

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