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Help to You is an NDIS registered providers who takes as much pride in your garden as we do. Getting that perfectly manicured garden isn’t easy though and requires a lot of care and maintenance. Not to mention the tools needed to achieve those results.

If you’re not an experienced gardener, it’s hard when you go to the local hardware store to decide which tools you actually need. They all look so shiny and necessary. You end up spending so much more than you really need to in order to get the job done. Here, we’ll give you some tips about what tools are pretty important and which are just nice to have.

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So what do you usually need? Simple answer is – depends on your garden. Do you just have a lawn, a herb bed? Flowers? Water features? Vegetable patch?


If you have a lawn it’s a no brainer that a lawn mower is needed. Depending on how big your patch of grass is, you may not need any more than a manual one. If you like nice neat edges, an edger (manual or powered) is also recommended.

Trees / Shrubs

If you have the occasional tree then secateurs are recommended to keep those bushes under control.


A tidy hedge needs either hedging scissors or an electric hedger.


Your small garden might need a variety of small tools like a spade, watering can or hose, potentially a shovel if the area is a bit bigger.

Whatever tools you buy, make sure you maintain them and store them appropriately so they can last you years.

No matter what you have in your garden or what you want to achieve, you can use some of these items or you can contact Help to You, an NDIS Registered Gardening Provider to see how we can get it all done for you. No mess, no fuss.