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Best Social Activities For Our Special Needs Loved Ones

Best Social Activities For Our Special Needs Loved Ones

Human contact has been proven to promote mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. We all get a warm and fuzzy feeling inside when making someone smile and someone happy. Even chatting to someone briefly can make their day. In this blog, I will be chatting about the best social activities you or your loved ones can do.

1. Games

Board Games is an ideal way to bond with friends and family. It doesn’t require much physical effort but stimulates you mentally and intellectually as you strategize how to get that check mate. Bingo is another great game to bond with your friends. It also has been proven to stimulate mental health. Trivia is also a good game to play with your friends. In teams, you are able to reminisce your youth all whilst having a good old laugh. 

board games

2. Exercise Classes

Exercise classes are a great way to get fit and meet new people. Each class would be tailor suited to your needs. Exercise classes have been found to alleviate stress, depression and boredom. It is also a great way to strengthen your muscles. Moreover, exercise classes can improve cognitive abilities as you’re forced to think about how to move your body. 

exercise classes

3. Walking 

Walking is a good way to keep healthy. It has been deemed the most beneficial form of exercise for senior citizens. Not only do you get the chance to  visit with other people your age, but you also can strengthen your body and improve your mental attitude. Walking with friends is great as you can choose where to walk, how long to walk, when to take a break and so on.


4. Knitting and Crochet 

Crocheting or Knitting is another way of being social whilst being mentally stimulated. You may be able to knit blankets and jumpers and donate them to the nearest homeless shelter. 

knitting and crochet

Throughout our lives the more important it is to keep mentally and physically stimulated. It has been found that being bored, having no social activities and or being lonely is worse than smoking 15 cigarettes a day. 

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