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NDIS guidelines & Modules

An Introduction to NDIS Plans

You have a NDIS plan but, you are you sure what it all means?. This article will provide you with an introduction to NDIS plans because its important to know what you have.

Your plan is designed to provide you with the services you need to live a normal as possible life. By now, you have had multiple discussions with your local area coordinator as to what your needs are and what your goals are. Plans are reviewed annually to ensure you are receiving the services you have planed for and you are meeting your goals.

Once you’ve reached this stage, you’ll want to know a few things. These may include:

  • How is my plan managed
  • What supports do I have
  • How much do they cost
  • What service providers are there
  • When do I need to review my plan
NDIS plans

How is my plan managed?

Depending on your requirements, your plan may be:

  • NDIA Managed : Or Agency Managed. Under this, the NDIA pays your invoices for you. You choose from a range of NDIS registered providers who claim funding directly from your plan through the NDIA. NDIA manages your bookkeeping and records your spending. You can access this information through your myplace portal.
  • Plan Managed: Under this option, you appoint a plan manager to manage and pay your NDIS related providers for you. They will keep track of your spending and financial reporting. Under this option you have more flexibility with the types of providers you use. Under this option, your provider does not need to be NDIS registered. This gives you a wider range of providers to chose from.
  • Self Managed: This option provides you with the most flexibility in that you have flexibility over the funding in who you hire to provide the supports and your payments.

In some scenario’s you can choose a combination of the above. Because NDIS is about getting your goals achieved, you choose before your plan is finalised.

What Supports do I have?

There are three types of supports generally available. These are either Core, Capacity building and Capital Supports.

Core Supports:

These supports will assist with every day activities. They are the most flexible of the support categories. You can claim things like cleaning or yard maintenance. This support is provided by Help to You.

Other assistance includes every day items like assistive technology. Additionally under this category you get transport and support workers to assist you to participate in social and community activities.

Capacity Building Supports:

This category helps build your independence and skill to reach your longer term goals. It includes support coordination, help to find a place to live, training to increase your skills, employment related support, plan management and other training or therapies.

Capital Supports Budget:

This is a one off type of support to make modifications to your home or vehicle or purchase technology you need.

How much do they cost?

The maximum price for each service is set out and advertised in the NDIS price guide. Because prices change, the NDIA updates this regularly.

To access the price guides for your state, click here.

What Service Providers are there?

If you have a dedicated support coordinator, they can help you access registered service providers. Because having a support coordinator is not compulsory, you can access to a list of registered service providers here.

Remember for plan managed and self managed plans, you don’t need to have a registered service provider if you already have a good relationship with an existing professional.

Because Help to you is a registered service provider, we can provide you with the services you need in the core category. Contact us to find out what core supports we provider.

Plan Review

Your plan will be reviewed annually in most cases. Its important to check your supports are working for you and helping you achieve your goals.

This review is either face to face or over the phone depending on your preference.

Because its important you achieve your goals, its important you diarise any upcoming reviews.